Monday, January 23, 2012

google waves, waves goodbye

Fans of online collaboration tools were dealt a blow on Wednesday as tech giant Google layed its new-born baby, Google Wave, to rest.
For those not in the know, the product - written in Java using OpenJDK - was a hybrid email-messaging-conversational-document that allowed collaborators to create replies in any part of a given communication, instead of shooting back and forth an endless chain of emails. In some instances these responses acted more like instant messages, whereby participants could see the changes to the central document in real-time.
Google Wave debuted in June of '09 to much skepticism and uncertainty, and in fact saw very little shelf life outside of beta. Released to the general public in March 2010, it isn't a hundred percent clear why the product never caught on or why Google is saying goodbye to it; some say the consumer never truly understood the purpose of the product, and others are speculating that the Goog is gearing up to dip a bigger toe into the waters of social media.
Either way, it is just another casualty in a long string of products the Goog has laid to rest in the past year.
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